A brighter, safer future in Massillon, Ohio

Originally hailing from Pennsylvania, the Hinton family relocated to Stark County in 2018, seeking closeness and comfort with their paternal family. Their journey, while filled with determination and grit, hasn’t been without challenges. 

From living in limited spaces to facing unsafe conditions, Keshauna Hinton’s resilience never wavered. Her commitment saw her return to nursing school, graduating as a Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN), and ultimately partnering with Habitat in 2021.

Key Ceremony for
Hinton Family

On December 14, Habitat for Humanity ceremonially presented the keys to the Hinton family’s new home during the CAST Holiday Gathering. It was a time to celebrate the season of giving and to honor Ron Wilkof, a man whose heart is the very foundation of our mission.

Honoring Ron 

For over half a century, Ron Wilkof has been an active participant in shaping our community. His ethos, placing God and prayer at the forefront, followed by family, friends, and service, has left an indelible mark. From impacting the philanthropic climate of Canton for generations to his hands-on involvement with CAST, Ron’s journey is a testament to the power of service and love.

“Ron Wilkof stands as a testament to true philanthropy in Canton, a legacy inherited from the Wilkof family’s generations of impact. His generosity has touched diverse facets of our community, and his commitment since CAST’s inception in 2011 has been transformative. A genuine servant leader, Ron’s dedication to the betterment of Canton is unparalleled. Even in challenging times, he continues to build a legacy through love and action.”

– Michael Savage, CAST Board Member

“Ron’s steadfast commitment to Christ is evident in his generosity and service to Canton’s community fabric, from businesses to service groups. His integrity, humility, and resilience, especially in facing personal health challenges, are marks of his true character. A friend for over twenty years, I’ve witnessed Ron and his family’s lasting influence — a legacy intertwined with their enduring business and foundational role in CAST. To call Ron a friend is an honor; his life’s work is a narrative of genuine care and dedication.”

– Loren Petry, CAST Board President

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