Meet Our CAST Team

Our CAST Team is a unique blend of individuals united by the mission to foster kindness, love, and togetherness in our community. Each team member brings a wealth of diverse experiences and a shared commitment to serving others, creating an environment that is as caring and supportive as it is dynamic. We believe that the power of our collective efforts can transform lives and communities, and we are excited to share our journey with you.

Sonja White

Executive Director

Being a part of CAST is a rewarding experience of nurturing student growth and witnessing their potential unfold. This collaborative group’s impactful initiatives foster personal, academic, and community development, strengthening the bonds within Stark County.

Taylor McCarthy

Student Advisor & Communications Coordinator

My transformative journey as a #CASTkid inspired my pursuit of a degree in nonprofit administration at CSU and an internship with CAST. Now, I’m excited to be part of the CAST team, ready to inspire and lead the next generation of change-makers through #CASTkids.

Kelly McNamara


As a mother of four and a committed servant, I am deeply passionate about CAST’s transformative work in our local community. My role as CAST’s bookkeeper allows me to apply my skills and contribute meaningfully, embodying the principle of identifying where service is needed and jumping in to help, aligning my work with my mission.

Meet Our CAST Board

Meet our dedicated and passionate Board Members. These remarkable leaders bring a wealth of experience, skill, and genuine care for their community, working together to guide and support CAST’s mission of making a positive impact on the lives of those around us. Get to know the people who help shape the vision and direction of CAST, as they continually strive to inspire meaningful change.

Dr. Petry

Board President

I’ve watched CAST grow from a handful of committed couples to literally hundreds of people serving together in various organizations. Our goal was always to provide the opportunity for people to serve. Many have the desire but don’t know where to go or don’t want to go alone. CAST is the vehicle that solves those issues.

Mike Savage

Board Treasurer

At CAST, I’ve found the perfect platform to make a substantial difference, as we collectively inspire both young and old to foster a brighter future for themselves and our community. Through a variety of avenues including mentorship, internships, discussions, scholarships, and joint service, we are creating meaningful impacts.

Ron Wilkof

Board Member Emeritus

Successful local businessman and owner for over 50 years. God and prayer is my priority, then family, friends, and serving my community.

Jerry Nuzum

Board Member Emeritus

Fourth generation Christian, Husband, Dad and Grandpa. Experience in I/T & Business Consulting as well as Church and Para-Church Boards.

Courtney Brown

Board Secretary

CAST’s heartfelt dedication to service has been transformative, both in our community and in shaping individuals, such as my sister, into passionate community volunteers. It’s an honor to be a part of this impactful organization that affirms the immense value of service and promotes personal growth.

Fran Drennan

Board Member

Serving on local Boards like Habitat for Humanity, Pregnancy Choices, and Second Chance Ministries provided valuable experiences, but watching and aiding CAST’s transformation from pure passion to a well-structured, impactful organization, always guided by God’s hand, has been a truly fulfilling journey.

Darcy Friel

Board Member
Longterm Real Estate Broker with heart for others. 
1 John 4:19 We love because He first loved us. 
Jesus has called us to Care And Serve Together.

John Moores

Board Member

30 years of serving and leading students and I am still passionate about the next generation. I love creating experiences that help people connect, see Jesus and be inspired to lead.

Randy Lipscomb

Board Member

From the second I first saw CAST at work, I was amazed. This was a diverse group of men and women and kids, aged 8-80+, all rolling up their sleeves and doing hard work to help feed their neighbors. Kindred spirits! As I learn and grow with them, I’m finding that CAST truly, TRULY, embodies the spirit of Christ: Altruistic, generous, kind, tolerant, accepting, and, above all, loving.

Danielle Walton

Board Member

25 years as an executive leader, business owner and marketing strategist. I am passionate about helping organizations like CAST build awareness and create connections throughout the community. Empowering students through experience is also an important element of the CAST strategy that I love supporting.

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